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Karl Lassiter is the western fiction pen name of
Robert E. Vardeman

  This is the genuine, official, Karl Lassiter web page. 
 Does Karl Lassiter really exist?
Only in the fecund mind of author Robert E. Vardeman.  Karl Lassiter is one of the western pen names I use in my writing.  A separate science fiction and fantasy page details my forays into those fields, but it amused me to start with a web page for someone who does not exist.

Fast Hand

Draw that six-shooter, trigger your laser pistol!


3 generations of Rangers


        Except in the Old West.  Except in the imagination.  Except here in cyberspace.   

Bonus Material for Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium buckaroos


...it's a thoroughly entertaining formula western, the kind of story that, if it was made into a movie a few decades ago, would have starred the young John Wayne (with Gabby Hayes as Texas Dunn, Lassiter's curmudgeonly but lovable ranch cook). Old-school western fans will enjoy this one from start to finish. Booklist, February 1, 2009

Drifter is a nominee for the
2009 New Mexico Book Award

Drifter by Karl Lassiter>

Sept 2013


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