Boris Strugatsky
Some writers, directors and musicians have shown themselves thanks to the creative tandem. These include the Coen brothers, who shot the action-thriller “Fargo”, the Wachowski sisters, as well as Ilya…

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Isaac Asimov. Briefly about the writer
Born on January 2, 1920 in the village of Petrovichi, Shumyachsky District, Smolensk Region, the RSFSR. He died in New York on April 6, 1992. Facts. Than famous The famous…

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"Not your mind business" or how British science fiction writer Eric Frank Russell became popular only in America
The British science fiction writer who became most famous in America, whom the Americans themselves considered their countryman. In his work, Russell was different from his colleagues living on the…

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which he managed

Science fiction writer and creator of the new religion Ron Hubbard

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born on March 13, 1911, Tilden, Nebraska, USA. A man with diverse interests and an extraordinary education. He studied 21 nationalities, was a writer and pilot, freelance reporter, photographer, musician, film director and screenwriter, led expeditions. Best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology.
Briefly about the writer
Ron Hubbard is best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology, became famous in the writing field in the middle of the last century, writing more than one and a half hundred stories and stories for various magazines. Towards the end of his life, he returned to writing again, releasing the cycle “Battleground – Earth”, which earned frenzied popularity among his followers.

His early works as a whole did not stand out from a huge number of similar fantastic works; his later works were greatly influenced by the doctrine and philosophy he developed. It is difficult to say that he somehow influenced the formation of the genre or the exceptional artistic value of his works, but it is Continue reading

Science Fiction Coordinator John Wood Campbell

John Campbell is an American writer, better known as an editor. Possessing his vision and uncompromising, Campbell guided the young authors into an unusual for fiction channel, moving farther away from stupid adventures and battered plots to science, social and social problems.

He demanded a lot from the authors, because of which scandals often occurred and writers left; but you can immediately name a dozen famous names and be surprised to find out that it was Campbell who first saw them and made it possible to publish them. As the Science Fiction Encyclopedia rightly notes:

More than any other person, he helped shape modern science fiction.

Briefly about the writer
John Wood Campbell, Jr. (born June 8, 1910, died July 11, 1971) has been a writer and editor of the journal Astounding Science Fiction (which we have already mentioned more than once in past materials and which has become the starting point for dozens of eminent writers) since the end of 1937 until his Continue reading

Scientist and science fiction writer Ivan Efremov about the incredible successes of mankind in the future

Ivan Efremov was born in 1908 and began to write during the years of World War II. Efremov tried to get away from the tendency to describe interplanetary wars and the demise of civilizations, trying to predict the possible fate of mankind and the way it could go. His works can be described as a “communist utopia.”
Briefly about the writer
Ivan Efremov was born in 1908 and began to write during the years of World War II. By education a paleontologist. In his works, he described the utopian communist future, putting at the forefront the achievements of science and technology and the realization of the creative potential of every citizen. In Continue reading

Science concepts in fiction Larry Niven
Lawrence Van Cott Niven was born on April 30, 1938, and now lives and lives in Los Angeles. One of the most titled American science fiction writers, winner of the…


Hard science fiction on fundamental topics from Clifford Simack
Clifford Simak is an American science fiction writer, one of the writers of the Golden Age, along with Asimov and Heinlein. Having started writing in the 30s, he released about…


10 science fiction novelties
Science fiction is a genre that is constantly evolving, complementing our wildest expectations with something new. Sometimes she constantly has to get ahead of progress, and nowadays it is gaining…


Stephen king
Stephen Edwin King was born in the fall of 1941 in the US state of Maine, in the city of Portland. The birth of a boy can be called a…