Historical sketches

Gerald Berthot(Thomas Owen)
A Belgian writer, art historian and journalist whose real name is Gerald Berthot. Born in Flanders, in Louvain, in the family of lawyer Arthur Bertot, who taught at the city…

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The life of science fiction writer Robert Young, who never gained fame for 30 years of creativity
Briefly about the writer Robert Franklin Young was born on June 8, 1915, died June 22, 1986, and was an American science fiction writer. He remained little known to the…

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The Amazing Worlds of the "Grandmaster" of Science Fiction by Jack Vance
Jack Vance was born in the early 20th century and managed to release more than fifty stories and short stories under a series of pseudonyms. Vance was respected by colleagues…

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Hard science fiction on fundamental topics from Clifford Simack

Clifford Simak is an American science fiction writer, one of the writers of the Golden Age, along with Asimov and Heinlein. Having started writing in the 30s, he released about one and a half hundred novels, novels and short stories, published both in magazines and in full-fledged collections and books. In his works he raised fundamental topics, creating a layer for research and experiments by future authors.

Briefly about the writer
Simak’s main activity was editing. Nevertheless, he published many works that are now considered classic. Consciously avoiding violence, intergalactic empires, star wars and other things, Simak put progress, psychology, and the study of people’s behavior in various non-standard situations at the forefront. In science fiction, he loved science in the first place, trying to make all his works as plausible as possible. His career lasted more than four decades, during which he managed to try himself in the genre of fiction, as well as western and military stories. Continue reading

Cozy disaster in science fiction by John Wyndham

John Wyndham Parks Lucas Beynon Harris was born July 10, 1903, died March 11, 1969. An English science fiction writer who gained popularity in 1951 with the release of the novel The Day of the Triffids.
Briefly about the writer
He worked under several pseudonyms, the most famous of which was John Wyndham, although he also used other combinations of his name, such as John Parks and Lucas Beynon. Wide popularity came to him after the Second World War, although before her he managed to publish three novels and a half dozen stories. His “debut” novel as John Wyndham, “The Day of the Triffids,” gained great popularity and was filmed several times.

Wyndham was not awarded with prizes and awards, but was regularly reprinted and reprinted, and in Britain itself, interest in his work has not quenched to this day. His works are distinguished not so much by breakthrough ideas (although he was the one who invented such a thing as “chronoclasm”), as well as the literary style and method of narration.
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Life of Evgeny Zamyatin and the first dystopia in history

Yevgeny Zamyatin was born at the end of the 19th century and worked in the era of revolutions and the First World War. He was not a prolific writer, and most of his works are unknown to a wide audience, but in history he remained as the author of the novel “We” – the first dystopian in its modern sense.
Briefly about the writer
Evgeny Zamyatin lived and worked in an era of change. His youth fell on the first Russian revolution, adulthood – on two revolutions and the civil war. By nature, he was a match for this era – with his rebellion and criticism, he gathered both like-minded people and many detractors.

His main work – the novel “We” – reflects all his views on the role of the state as an apparatus of subordination and on the reverse side of technological progress. The rest of his works are not so well known to the general public, and the novel itself was for a long time inaccessible to domestic readers – for ideological reasons it was banned, and the author himself was forced to emigrate. Zamyatin died in Paris, remaining a Soviet citizen until the end of his life.
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In 1929, Zamyatin left the Union of Writers. After that, they stopped publishing it on the territory of the USSR. Zamyatin Continue reading

The tenth planet and other science fiction by Sergei Belyaev at the dawn of the formation of the USSR

Sergei Mikhailovich Belyaev was born in 1883. He became one of the first Soviet science fiction writers, starting to write as early as the 1920s. However, he is far from being as well known as Zamyatin or Efremov, much less the Strugatsky. The most famous work of Belyaev is the story “The Tenth Planet”, in which he made the assumption of the existence of another planet in the solar system.
Briefly about the writer
Sergei Mikhailovich Belyaev, was born in Moscow. Father – a priest, received a church education. He graduated from the medical faculty, worked as a doctor. At the same time he wrote essays and short stories.
Sergei Mikhailovich Belyaev was born on January 9 (21 according to the old style) on January 18, 1883, and died on November 11, 1953.

Childhood and youth
Belyaev was born in 1883 in the city of Moscow. He followed in his father’s footsteps, finishing the seminary. After receiving education, he worked as a tutor in the theater. Continue reading

Ray Bradbury

“I don’t think about death, because I will always be here. This box with my films and shelves with my books convince me that I have a hundred or two years left. Death is a form of reckoning with space for a wonderful luxury to be alive. ” (“The Rules of the Life of Ray Bradbury”) RAYMOND DOUGLAS “RAY” Bradbury is an American science fiction writer. Critics attribute some of his works to magical realism. Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. The second name – Douglas – he received in honor of the famous actor of the time Douglas Fairbanks. Father – Leonard Spalding Bradbury (a descendant of the English first settlers). Mother – Marie Esther Moberg, Swedish by birth. In 1934, the Bradbury family moved to Los Angeles, where Ray lived his whole life. The writer’s childhood and youth passed during the Great Continue reading

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