Historical sketches

Samuel Yode
British science fiction writer who worked for half a century. Adherent of social and public order, describing in his works all the horrors of his collapse Briefly about the writer…

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Stephen king
Stephen Edwin King was born in the fall of 1941 in the US state of Maine, in the city of Portland. The birth of a boy can be called a…

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Stefan Grabinsky
Stefan Grabinsky (Grabinsky) (Stefan Grabiński) - a Polish writer, one of the founders of Polish science fiction, best known for stories in the horror genre, in particular, from the collection…

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The Amazing Worlds of the “Grandmaster” of Science Fiction by Jack Vance

Jack Vance was born in the early 20th century and managed to release more than fifty stories and short stories under a series of pseudonyms. Vance was respected by colleagues and readers, in his works addressing the themes of cultural and religious conflicts. Coming up whole civilizations and worlds with his own bizarre laws and customs, Vance did not go into the themes of decline or intergalactic wars.
Briefly about the writer
Jack Vance, born in 1916 in San Francisco. Like many American science fiction writers, he served in the army during World War II, but he did not have a chance to participate in battles, and the army theme was not so widely reflected in his works as those of Heinlein or Harrison.

Starting with sea stories and tales, Vance quickly grew into a major science fiction writer whose distinctive features were wit, unbridled imagination, satire and playing in his works various religious, cultural and political events and trends. Repeatedly received praise from both critics and colleagues, was friendly with Frank Herbert. In the late 90s he was awarded the title “Grandmaster”. Continue reading

The life of science fiction writer Robert Young, who never gained fame for 30 years of creativity

Briefly about the writer
Robert Franklin Young was born on June 8, 1915, died June 22, 1986, and was an American science fiction writer. He remained little known to the public, both in the United States and abroad. His career lasted more than thirty years, and he wrote until the end of his life. Having changed many professions (at one time he even worked as a janitor in high school), Young could neither gain fame nor make writing his main craft. However, this fact did not affect his work, which in style was closer to the early Bradbury.
Interesting Facts
There is a moment in the computer game Portal 2 that can refer to the story “Dandelion Girl”. The main antagonist of the game, GLaDOS artificial intelligence at one of the levels says: “Try to enjoy the next test. I’m going to surface. It’s such a beautiful day. Yesterday I saw a deer. If you pass the next test, I may let you go up to the rest room and tell you again how I saw the deer. ” In the story, the line appeared: “The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, yesterday a deer, and today I see you.”

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The distinctive literary style and unusual ideas of science fiction pioneer Henry Kuttner

A writer who has not received due recognition from readers is not uncommon in literature. Henry Kuttner was one of them. Having received great acclaim from his colleagues and followers, Kuttner did not gain widespread fame among the fans.
Briefly about the writer
Being one of the very first science fiction writers, Kuttner can hardly be called a pioneer who laid the foundations for future writers – no, Henry wrote on topics that were usual for that time. He was distinguished by a special literary style, a sense of humor, unusual ideas and the way he beat the stamps that were developing in those days. His literary career lasted a little less than a quarter of a century, during which he managed to try himself in a variety of genres.
Interesting Facts
Kuttner wrote using more than a dozen pseudonyms, making it impossible to establish the exact number of works he wrote.
Ray Bradbury once admitted that Kuttner finished his first horror story Candle (published in Weird Tales magazine, Continue reading

Inventor of modern science fiction Alfred Bester

Alfred Bester, an American science fiction writer who managed to try himself in dozens of different projects on television, radio, in magazines and comics. In the early 50s, Bester published his main novels, which brought him wide fame and recognition among science fiction lovers.
Briefly about the writer
Alfred Bester was born December 18, 1913, died September 30, 1987 – an American science fiction writer, scriptwriter for television and radio shows, magazine editor and comic book writer. But, despite the wide front of his activity, he was best known precisely as a science fiction writer who received the very first ever Hugo Prize in 1953 for the novel “A Man Without a Face”.

The great Harry Harrison wrote: “Alfred Bester was one of the few writers who invented modern science fiction.”
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Science fiction writer and creator of the new religion Ron Hubbard

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born on March 13, 1911, Tilden, Nebraska, USA. A man with diverse interests and an extraordinary education. He studied 21 nationalities, was a writer and pilot, freelance reporter, photographer, musician, film director and screenwriter, led expeditions. Best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology.
Briefly about the writer
Ron Hubbard is best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology, became famous in the writing field in the middle of the last century, writing more than one and a half hundred stories and stories for various magazines. Towards the end of his life, he returned to writing again, releasing the cycle “Battleground – Earth”, which earned frenzied popularity among his followers.

His early works as a whole did not stand out from a huge number of similar fantastic works; his later works were greatly influenced by the doctrine and philosophy he developed. It is difficult to say that he somehow influenced the formation of the genre or the exceptional artistic value of his works, but it is Continue reading

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