Historical sketches

Andrey Cruz
Andrei Cruz is a Russian science fiction writer who is called the founder of the domestic zombie apocalypse genre. The series of Cruise's novels “Land of the Dead”, “The Age…

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Gerald Berthot(Thomas Owen)
A Belgian writer, art historian and journalist whose real name is Gerald Berthot. Born in Flanders, in Louvain, in the family of lawyer Arthur Bertot, who taught at the city…

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Philip Dick, whose trilogies are full of aphorisms and quotes, is called the destroyer of reality in the reading world. The writer composed his stories and novels in a special…

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Science Fiction Coordinator John Wood Campbell

John Campbell is an American writer, better known as an editor. Possessing his vision and uncompromising, Campbell guided the young authors into an unusual for fiction channel, moving farther away from stupid adventures and battered plots to science, social and social problems.

He demanded a lot from the authors, because of which scandals often occurred and writers left; but you can immediately name a dozen famous names and be surprised to find out that it was Campbell who first saw them and made it possible to publish them. As the Science Fiction Encyclopedia rightly notes:

More than any other person, he helped shape modern science fiction.

Briefly about the writer
John Wood Campbell, Jr. (born June 8, 1910, died July 11, 1971) has been a writer and editor of the journal Astounding Science Fiction (which we have already mentioned more than once in past materials and which has become the starting point for dozens of eminent writers) since the end of 1937 until his Continue reading

Scientist and science fiction writer Ivan Efremov about the incredible successes of mankind in the future

Ivan Efremov was born in 1908 and began to write during the years of World War II. Efremov tried to get away from the tendency to describe interplanetary wars and the demise of civilizations, trying to predict the possible fate of mankind and the way it could go. His works can be described as a “communist utopia.”
Briefly about the writer
Ivan Efremov was born in 1908 and began to write during the years of World War II. By education a paleontologist. In his works, he described the utopian communist future, putting at the forefront the achievements of science and technology and the realization of the creative potential of every citizen. In Continue reading

Frederick Brown’s Humor and Unpredictability

An American science fiction writer, a short story master, distinguished by a non-standard sense of humor, who wrote in a variety of genres and on a variety of topics.
Briefly about the writer
His works are distinguished by a healthy share of humor, sometimes quite unexpected, and even more unexpected plot twists. Brown loved to start the story in such a way that it was impossible for the reader to understand how it could end at all – for example, the Screaming Mimi novel begins with the words: “You never know what a drunken Irishman is capable of”. His work was so popular that one of his stories – “Arena” – was adapted for television as one of the series “Star Trek”.
Interesting Facts
In the teaser for the third season of the series “The Man in the High Castle” by Philip C. Dick, there is a reference to Brown’s work. One of the heroes, Oberstgruppenführer Smith, hearing about the theoretical possibility of traveling between worlds, observes that “it’s like something from Friedrich Brown,” meaning that in the series’s universe, Brown’s works are known in German-occupied areas of the former Continue reading

Founding Father of Heroic Fantasy Robert Howard

Robert Howard is not so popular in our country, despite his huge contribution to world fiction. He is one of those authors whose brainchild is much more famous than its creator. Everyone knows Conan the barbarian, many watched films about him, but only a few will immediately name the person who invented him. And if someone remembers Solomon Kane, you know – in front of you is a fan.
Briefly about the writer
Many of his works are generally unknown to readers, and there are many of them – Howard wrote detectives, mystical novels, historical and pseudo-historical novels, westerns and even humorous works during his career.

Unfortunately, he did not live very long. Howard could not accept the fact that his mother could not fight tuberculosis and committed suicide in his car. As often happens, fame came to him posthumously – most of his works were published after his death. As well as ideological heirs and outspoken imitators, they called Howard the father of “heroic fantasy.” Continue reading

“Not your mind business” or how British science fiction writer Eric Frank Russell became popular only in America

The British science fiction writer who became most famous in America, whom the Americans themselves considered their countryman. In his work, Russell was different from his colleagues living on the same island with him, adopting a more “American” form of storytelling, where an individual who defies an entire planet or race is at the forefront.
Briefly about the writer
Eric Frank Russell was born on January 6, 1905, died on February 28, 1978. British science fiction writer who was better known in the US than in his homeland (most of his works were first published in America). A lot of works were published in the magazines Astounding Science Fiction and Weird Tales, which were already well-known to us (in the last he sent stories in the genre of horror and mysticism).
Interesting Facts
There is an assumption that Russell introduced the English abbreviation for the expression Mind your own business (in Russian, the analogue may be “not your mind’s business”) – MYOB. This abbreviation is commonly used in English, Continue reading

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Stanislav Lem
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China Mieuville
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