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Each new job is paid by Kunzu in a rather large amount

Dean Kunz is one of the most successful writers working in the genres of science fiction, detective and horror. The author’s bibliography contains dozens of novels, some of which became bestsellers at the national level in the USA. Each new job is paid by Kunzu in a rather large amount – about $ 1 million.

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Writer Dean Kunz
Today, Dean’s works are translated into 38 languages ​​of the world, and their circulation reaches 200 million copies. 7 novels of his work topped the bestseller rating published in the New York Times. The books of this author are the basis for the adaptation of Hollywood films and TV shows, and phrases from there scatter into quotes.

Childhood and youth
Dean Ray Kunz was born in the US state of Pennsylvania. He was brought up in a poor family, in which the head was more than once convicted alcoholic father named Raymond. The boy’s parents had a negative attitude to the acquisition and reading of fiction, so they carefully set him against it.
Dean Kunz in childhood
At the age of 8, Kunz Jr. began to sell his works. He composed stories, then created multi-colored covers for them, and then he offered neighboring families for a small amount. At the age of 12, he took part in a competition organized by a well-known newspaper, during which he won $ 25. He received this money for an essay on the topic “What Does America Mean to Me”.

Having received secondary education, Kuntz entered Schippenburg College, which he graduated in 1967. He then began his career as an English teacher. On the first working day, I received information that a former teacher of the same subject was beaten by schoolchildren, after which he was hospitalized for a period of several weeks.

Despite a teaching career, Dean’s main dream remained writing. As a student at the University of Schippenburg, he began to compose short stories and won first place in a local magazine competition called Atlantic Mansley. After that, Kunz firmly decided that he would become a professional writer and would create nights after the main work, as well as on weekends.

After Dean moved to a Harrisburg suburban school for a similar position, he also continued to work on creating his own works at night. After a year and a half of such a schedule, the author’s wife, named Gerda, offered to provide him for 5 years, for which he was obliged to become a successful writer. After this time, the woman was able to afford to leave her usual job in a small financial company, as her husband managed to build a decent career.

The debut story of a novice writer, published in 1967, was called “Killing with a look.” A year later, the world saw the first full-fledged novel by Kunz “Mutants”, which immediately gained interest from the audience. Since that time, Dean Kunz has been recognized around the world as an unsurpassed master of action-packed detectives and thrillers, holding in agonizing tension from the first to the last chapter.

Throughout his creative biography, Dean periodically used various pseudonyms such as Richard Page, Brian Coffey, Lee Nichols, Owen West, Dean Dwyer, John Hill, David Axton, Aaron Wolf, Anthony North.

At the beginning of his literary career, the author composed mainly works in the genre of classic science fiction. In 1970, he released a collection of short stories “Dragons march quietly,” which included not only traditional stories, but also in the style of horror.

Following the novel “Star Search”, written 2 years earlier, Kuntz composed more than 20 science fiction books in which elements of the “subconscious horror” were present on an ongoing basis. This fact testified that the writer was slowly, but surely and inevitably moving into a new genre for him: he began to write about monster children in The Beast and the Devil’s Seed, about mutants, robots and cyborgs that are equipped with a set of infernal syndromes and phobias in Anti-Man and Werewolf Among Us.

One of the best science fiction works of the author was the 1975 novel The Nightmare Journey. In it, Kunz fantasized about the fact that the Earth in the distant future would be a radioactive world inhabited by mutants. The catastrophe that occurred on the planet turned it into a gloomy “prison” for all mankind, squeezed out of the stars by an unknown great cosmic Intelligence.

A well-known fact is that in his work Dean Kunz is extremely meticulous and thoroughly knowledgeable in the details of the subject he is studying.

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