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Ken Macleod Fiction Recipe
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The American writer Patrick Rotfuss is known for works in the genres of fantasy and science fiction

The American writer Patrick Rotfuss is known for works in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Being an avid reader and lover of literature, a man once decided to start writing and did not lose: his books diverge in solid runs, receive prizes and are translated into other languages, including Russian. The bearded big man Rotfuss looks like a fairy-tale character and creates magical worlds full of legends, myths and songs.

Childhood and youth
Patrick James Rothfuss was born in 1973 in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. A loving family encouraged the child’s passion for reading, and by the end of school he had read 2 thousand books, each of which became a creative fuel for the future writer’s start. The author is ironic that this love was caused by the long northern winters and the absence of cable television in the house.

Since 1991, the guy began to study at the University of Wisconsin, where he stayed for 9 years. Initially, he studied chemical technology, but realized that it was boring, and decided to change the profession to a clinical psychologist. Here, the young man also did not like it, and he continued the search. It was not possible to determine the calling for a long time, so the young man went through an arbitrary set of disciplines, moving from course to course. As a result, Patrick graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

In his student days, the future science fiction collaborated with the university newspaper The Pointer, leading the parody column “College Survival Guide”, which was sorted into quotes. He also wrote poems and scripts for humorous podcasts. The guy also had a more ambitious occupation – work on the epic fantasy “Song of Flame and Thunder”, which dragged on for several years.

The graduate decided to continue his education at the University of Washington, where he graduated from the magistracy and returned to his native land to teach at Stevens Point College.

The writer calls his first literary experience a dinosaur brochure created in early childhood. However, the author recognizes the plot of the work as rather weak and insists that the manuscript needs serious editing. For the first time, Patrick was busy with creativity while studying at the university. He continued to work on the novel “Song of Flame and Thunder”, already working as a teacher, and in 2002, finally decided to submit the manuscript to publishers.

The beginning author was disappointed: many years of work found no response from any of the editors and invariably returned back. The novelist took 7 years to write a book. He spent the same amount of time on revision, correcting the material after each failure. As a result, Rotfuss reworked part of the plot and based on it the story “The Road to Levinshire”, which he sent to the literary competition “Writers of the Future”. Here Patrick won the Science Fiction nomination.

After receiving the award, the author became interested in publishing houses and was able to conclude a contract with DAW Books, which took up the publication of the book. They decided to divide the work into several parts and headline the series “Chronicles of the King’s Killer”. The first part was released in 2007 and was called “The Name of the Wind”.

The main character was a wandering actor Kvout, who undertakes to avenge the death of loved ones, but meets an unknown dark tribe of Chandrians. The war with demons requires a new skill from the hero, and he decides to master the secret knowledge of conquering the elements.

The book, which went to the reader for 14 years, made the writer famous overnight, taking a number of prestigious awards and getting on the New York Times bestseller list. Fans were looking forward to the sequel, which came out in 2011 and was called “Fears of the Sage.” The second part of the story about the young Quout led the list of best-sellers and strengthened the fame of the author, recognized as a modern classic of fantasy.

The final part of the “Doors of Stone” trilogy has not yet been published, however, the writer has created several stories whose actions unfold in the universe of “kingkiller”. Patrick’s bibliography includes another series of works. It is dedicated to the adventures of Princess and Mr. Wiffle, which includes “The creature under the bed”, “Darkness of the deep caves” and “Storm tree”. The last book of the series “The Calm Dignity of Silence” was published in 2014.

Personal life
Patrick Rotfuss maintains a personal blog and Twitter page. A man does not make secrets from his personal life, but also does not consider it necessary to spread too much about her. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife Sarah and two children, whom he calls Oot and Kyuti Snu. These are known to be pretty nicknames, not real names.

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