The American writer Patrick Rotfuss is known for works in the genres of fantasy and science fiction
The American writer Patrick Rotfuss is known for works in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Being an avid reader and lover of literature, a man once decided to…

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Sci-fi magazine editor and writer Frederick Paul
Frederick George Paul Jr. (born November 26, 1919 - died September 2, 2013) is best known as a science fiction editor, with the help of which many popular authors and…

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Jules Verne
Jules Verne is an extremely popular French writer, the founder of science fiction along with Herbert George Wells. Verne's works, written for both adolescents and adults, captured the adventurous spirit…

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The American writer Robert Asprin is known to science fiction fans around the world. Dozens of novels, combined in a series, came from the pen of the author. The most famous is the “MYTH Cycle” dedicated to the Great Skive and his comrades.

Asprin’s works are characterized by a sense of humor, the dynamism of the plot and the originality of the characters. The fictional worlds of the master are inhabited by magicians and dragons, however one can easily see a hint of reality in them, full of social problems and contradictions. The grotesque fantasy works of the American are unpredictable and do not lose popularity with the reader over the years.

Childhood and youth
Robert Lynn Asprin is from Michigan, USA. Future science fiction was born on June 28, 1946 in the city of St. John’s and had Filipino-Irish roots. Father Daniel worked as a machinist, and mother Lorraine Cook taught in elementary school. Bob had a younger sister. The family moved to the campus of Ann Arbor, where the writer spent his childhood and youth. The guy received his education there, however, he studied at the University of Michigan for only 2 years – from 1964 to 1965.

The next couple of years the young man spent in the ranks of the US Army, where he ended up during the Vietnam War. Returning home, he became an employee of Xerox, where he served 12 years in the accounting department. In the evenings, the man begins to write the first fantastic stories. His favorite pastime was participation in role-playing and restructuring communities. Here Robert creates his own clan, calls it the Great Dark Horde and writes songs, ballads and sagas for the needs of the fandom.

The first novel, Cold Financial Wars, came out in 1977 and grew out of a story of the same name. The book describes the principles by which industrial corporations fight. The outline of the story is built on the laws of science fiction, but the tools of the fight – espionage, betrayal, murder – remain the same as in the real world.

The allegorical novel “The War of Beetles and Lizards”, released 2 years later, represents a model of a society where reptiles and insects rule. This civilization lives by the laws of wartime, and there is no place for creative personalities in it. Everyone should produce a utilitarian useful product or hone combat skills.

Writers Robert Asprin and Warren Norwood Writers Robert Asprin and Warren Norwood / Facebook
The first major work that came from Asprin’s pen was the cycle “The World of Thieves,” which began in the late 1970s. And if the first experiments were written in the genre of science fiction, then in a series of thieves, the artist acquires the signature style of a master of humorous fantasy. Books become the beginning of a big business, which other authors join in, and as a result the cycle turns into a virtuoso collective work, in which Robert also serves as an editor. The series includes such texts as “Restless Allies”, “Gift for Farewell” and “Price of Pain”.

The Thieves World expected commercial success and reader love, as the created reality turned out to be lively, voluminous, and thought provoking. On the basis of the anthology, board games were developed, comics were drawn, and the rights to the film adaptation were sold back in 2005, but so far nothing has been heard about the project.

A sci-fi generates a ton of ideas, and impatience prevents him from focusing on one topic. Perhaps that is why many works are written by him in collaboration, when colleagues help in working on the details and details. Among the writers with whom Asprin worked together are Jody Lynn Nye, Lynn Abby, Linda Evans and others.

The fans love the cycle about the student of the magician Skive and the demon Aaz, who became the heroes of the “MYTH” universe, full of humor, unexpected twists and bizarre characters. The series includes 19 books, among which “MIF Corporation in action”, “Another magnificent MIF”, “MYTHIC personalities”.

In 1990, the author opened a selection of humorous novels in the genre of military science fiction “Shuttov Company”. The adventures of captain Willard Shutt and his extravagant team are devoted to 6 books. Other popular Asprin cycles are Duncan and Mallory, Time Scouts (Time Station).

The master’s works fell into the New York Times bestseller list twice, and he received 2 awards in science fiction and fantasy – “Locus” and “Balrog”. In the writer’s texts, it is hardly possible to find thoughtful quotes, but the dynamics of the plot and the witty syllable are what attract the reader to this day.

Personal life
The man married twice. The first wife was a colleague at the office of Xerox Anne Brett, whose wedding took place in 1968. The couple had two children – Annette and Daniel.

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