Stephen king
Stephen Edwin King was born in the fall of 1941 in the US state of Maine, in the city of Portland. The birth of a boy can be called a…

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Samuel Yode
British science fiction writer who worked for half a century. Adherent of social and public order, describing in his works all the horrors of his collapse Briefly about the writer…

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Stefan Grabinsky
Stefan Grabinsky (Grabinsky) (Stefan Grabiński) - a Polish writer, one of the founders of Polish science fiction, best known for stories in the horror genre, in particular, from the collection…

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Iar Elterrus

Iar Elterrus speaks of his work as a social experiment, an attempt to still find good in the world around him, preoccupied with profit and personal gain. Since childhood, the writer has a deep dislike of greed and cruelty, and as life has shown, it is almost impossible to meet something opposite to them on the way, this is from the realm of fantasy. So you have to come up with people, communities, worlds endowed with the desired qualities.

Childhood and youth
Under the “cosmic” name Iar Elterrus, Igor Tertyshny is hiding. The writer had a pseudonym in childhood. In a dream, the boy fell into a certain other world, where his name was Iar El Terrus. When Igor grew up and began to compose, he remembered that old dream and simply combined the last 2 words.

Iar Elterrus in childhoodIar Elterrus in childhood
A science fiction writer was born in March 1966 in the Adyghe village of Kuzhorskaya in a family of teachers. After the divorce, the mother of Raisa Gladun moved with her son to Ukraine. In 1984, Igor entered the philological faculty of Dnepropetrovsk University, but from the 1st year he was expelled for poor progress.

A year later, the young man returned to the student ranks, only chose a specialty related to computers. But the dashing 90s began, and the young man dropped out of school. With friends, Tertyshny opened a private publishing house, managed to issue 2 books, until the raiders defeated the enterprise. Hiding from the bandits, Igor fled to relatives in the Orenburg region. There he remembered his Jewish grandmother and in 1995 moved to Israel.

Observing what labor and torment the mother was composing poetry, Iar was glad that this fate had passed. As it turned out, he was wrong. Elterrus wrote his first story in the 5th grade, and sent an opus to the magazine Young Technician. Later, the author recalled with a smile that the editors, of course, had returned this “work”. For 20 years, the guy did not remember writing.

Jar created the first serious work in Israel. The motive was longing and a lonely life in a foreign land. I had to work as a simple security guard. In moments of despair, the man was balancing on the verge of suicide. Perhaps in such an altered consciousness, science fiction also saw its unknown galaxies inhabited by superheroes operating intelligent machines. Elterrus returned to Russia, because he had not adopted Western laws, life on a principle.
Iar believes that all the prophets and religions at all times tried to convey one single thought:

“Do not do to another what you do not want to receive yourself.”
And in his books, the writer tries to voice this idea. His work is usually referred to the fantasy genre, but Tertyshny avoids the rigid framework. The only criterion for evaluation is the reader’s emotional response, and it’s not important what the action movie, fairy tale or fiction is for.

The main goal of the main and most famous cycle “Echoes of the Silver Wind”, according to the author, is to talk about a society that is better and spiritually higher than today’s humanity, about a society that does not cause any pain and harm. Of course, such harmony is achieved through the special abilities of the Aarn inhabitants to perceive other people’s experiences as their own, a kind of telepathy.

Such a frank humiliation of the human race in relation to idealized beings did not please the first readers. A serious scandal flared up on the Web. Elterrus explained the situation by the fact that people do not notice the negative aspects in themselves, do not want to admit it. And when they poke their nose into their own shortcomings, for some reason they are offended and angry.

Iar did not plan to release the first novel of the cycle as a book, was published on the Samizdat website, and was content with that. Then he wanted to convey the idea of ​​“Resounds” in a simplified form and wrote “The Burden of the Emperor,” which he also posted on the Internet. And then there was a proposal from the publisher, the author thought and decided that giving up is stupid. The circulation of 11 thousand copies sold in 5 days.

The novel “Faith of the Outcasts”, which opens the series “Roads of the Executioners,” talks about the world executioner who arrives in St. Petersburg after learning that a girl was born in the city, his future successor. The child has extraordinary power: if the baby cries, a tsunami appears in the Pacific Ocean. A book with such exciting content was going to be filmed, but the shooting fell through. Iar did not say who dared to take on the project and why in the end he refused.

A young man with a magical gift became the protagonist of the Twisted Staff cycle. The novels “Chronicles of the North”, “Overcoming”, “The Time Has Come”, “Understanding” and “Awakening” are devoted to the description of his exploits in the name of saving friends and higher values. Outside the series, the books Dark Gift, Heir, and Heavenly Key were published.

Through the main characters, the series “Echoes of the Silver Wind” is connected with the “Time of Black Stars” and “The Madness of the Bards”. Scenes from the last series were co-authored with science fiction writer Ekaterina Beletskaya.

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