Gustav Meyrink
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Science fiction writer and creator of the new religion Ron Hubbard
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10 science fiction novelties
Science fiction is a genre that is constantly evolving, complementing our wildest expectations with something new. Sometimes she constantly has to get ahead of progress, and nowadays it is gaining…

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Philip Dick, whose trilogies are full of aphorisms and quotes, is called the destroyer of reality in the reading world. The writer composed his stories and novels in a special genre: he skillfully puts “normal heroes” in a strange environment. The reader watches the actions of characters who plunge into the world of science fiction surroundings. According to the works of this author, whose personal life is full of interesting events, more than one Hollywood film was shot, as well as series.

Childhood and youth
The future writer was born in the city of opportunities – Chicago (Illinois, USA), this event occurred on December 16, 1928. It is noteworthy that Philip Kidred Dick was born a premature baby, 6 weeks before the deadline, along with his twin sister Jane.

Portrait of Philip Dick
Unfortunately, the girl died after 6 weeks. The true cause of death is not known, but Jane has long died of malnutrition. This terrible event deeply affected the author’s life: the motifs of the “ghostly twin” are found in his works. Dick also blamed his parents all his life and accused him of negligence. In his opinion, they are to blame for the early death of a little girl.

Philip’s parents, Dorothy and Joseph, worked for the United States Department of Agriculture. It is also known that Dick’s paternal grandfather and grandmother were Irish.

Philip Dick in his youth
Later, the Philip family moved to the San Francisco Bay area. When the boy was five years old, his father was transferred to work in the city of Reno, which is located in Nebraska. Joseph’s wife refused to go with him, which caused a divorce. Both parents fought for the right of custody of their son, by the decision of the court, Philip remained with his mother.

To raise her child to her feet, Dorothy got a job and moved with her son Washington. In this city, Philip was enrolled in John Eaton Elementary School. Even at school, teachers noticed that the boy was interested in telling adventure stories.

Philip Dick Philip Dick
In the summer of 1938, mother and son returned to California, and it was at that time that the boy became interested in science fiction: he read his first science fiction magazine, Stirring Science Stories, in 1940, at the age of 12.

It is noteworthy that Philip Dick attended high school in Berkeley. He and the author of science fiction books Ursula Le Guin were members of the same graduation class (1947), but were not familiar at that time. After receiving a certificate of secondary education, Dick studied for a short time at the University of Berkeley.
Philip Dick made himself known as a science fiction writer in the 1950s. Philip began his career with stories that were published in cheap tabloid magazines. But despite this, the author developed his own unique style, which distinguished him from his colleagues in the workshop. It is worth saying that the work of Philip was greatly influenced by Anthony Bucher, to whom the man dedicated the work “Ubik”.

Book of Philip Dick “Ubik” Book of Philip Dick “Ubik”
In 1954, his debut novel, entitled The Solar Lottery, as well as the popular short story Gorodishko, was released from the pen of the master of the word. In 1957, the readership saw the book “An Eye in the Sky”. Despite the positive reviews and reviews, Dick himself was critical of his activities and even stated that he would not write anymore. For a while, Philip Dick was true to his promise.

In 1962, Dick published the novel Man in a High Castle. The plot of the book takes the reader to the former United States. Events unfold 15 years after the Second World War and the victory over the Adolf Hitler coalition.

Books of Philip Dick “The Man in the High Castle” and “Valis” Books of Philip Dick “The Man in the High Castle” and “Valis”
Also, Dick’s bibliography was replenished with the following works: “The connection of times has broken up”, “Doctor Death, or how we lived after the bomb”, “Three stigmata of Palmer Eldrich”, etc.

In 1976, the book “Lord of Wrath” was published. This post-apocalyptic novel was published in collaboration with another American writer, Roger Zhelyazny. The reader will learn about the life of mankind, which managed to survive a nuclear war. The book describes the journey of Tibor McMaster. The main character is an artist and a disabled person, devoid of limbs, who travels through a ruined world.

Harrison Ford in the film adaptation of Philip Dick’s “Blade Runner” Harrison Ford in the film adaptation of Philip Dick’s book “Blade Runner”
In 1968, Philip Dick wrote the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, based on which director Ridley Scott directed the adaptation of Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford.

The concept of the novel is as follows: the action takes place in 1992, after the World War the catacombs remained from the Earth. To protect the remaining inhabitants from the effects of radioactive dust, the UN invites humanity to move to extraterrestrial colonies. As a bonus – people are provided with any android to choose from.

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