Ken Macleod Fiction Recipe
Please tell us what the zoological education gave you. What role do you think it played in shaping your worldview? Reading Darwin and studying the theory of evolution have changed…

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Gerald Berthot(Thomas Owen)
A Belgian writer, art historian and journalist whose real name is Gerald Berthot. Born in Flanders, in Louvain, in the family of lawyer Arthur Bertot, who taught at the city…

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Jules Verne
Jules Verne is an extremely popular French writer, the founder of science fiction along with Herbert George Wells. Verne's works, written for both adolescents and adults, captured the adventurous spirit…

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Andrey Cruz

Andrei Cruz is a Russian science fiction writer who is called the founder of the domestic zombie apocalypse genre. The series of Cruise’s novels “Land of the Dead”, “The Age of the Dead”, “I am going home”, “Darkness” and others brought the writer to fame. He wrote many works in tandem with his wife Maria.

Childhood and youth
Andrei Yurievich Khamidulin was born in January 1965.

The writer did not like publicity and opened to journalists and fans only those pages of the biography that he wanted, so there are many white spots in the book of his life. The place where he was born is unknown. In all likelihood, this is Ukraine, where the parents of Andrei Cruise come from. According to unconfirmed reports, in the former, Soviet passport of Andrei Khamidulin, it means “Ukrainian”.

Writer Andrei Cruz Writer Andrei Cruz
According to the writer, his father is a career soldier. Soon after the birth of a son, the family moved to Tver (then Kalinin). Here Andrei went to school and studied until the 9th grade. Then the Khamidulins moved to Moscow, which was dictated by the change of duty of the head of the family, Yuri Khamidulin.

Like most peers, in childhood Andrei Cruz was fond of sports. At the age of 13 he took up boxing and succeeded: he performed in the light heavyweight at the level of the republic and brought prizes from the competitions. Kickboxing came to replace boxing, but military service was interrupted by sports, then studying at the university and work.

Andrei Cruz with a gun Andrei Cruz with a gun
In the “dashing 90s” Andrei Cruz took up entrepreneurship. By the beginning of the 2000s, he became general director of the company Education, Science, and Production LLC. In 2005, he left for Spain, taking his family.

According to one information, Khamidulin left Russia, obsessed with the desire to change his place of residence, according to another – due to problems with the law. According to the writer, his business in Russia was “eaten up” twice. Due to the inability to conduct business at home, he left the country.

Andrey Cruz
Looking ahead, let’s say that in early 2016, Andrei Cruz spent 12 days in a Spanish prison. He was released into the wild without bail, under the obligation to appear on demand. The reason for the arrest was a request from Russia, based on the accusation of the TV host of the Fazenda project Olga Platonova. The woman hired private detectives, because she considered herself a deceased Hamidulin interest-holder.

Andrei Cruz filed a counterclaim, reporting to the police about the family received from Plato’s threats. According to him, the woman forged a document with the bailiff to bribe the house of the writer, who is in disputed possession.

Olga Platonova Olga Platonova
The first 5 years of his life in Spain, the writer worked in a British company that was involved in risk management (making and implementing managerial decisions aimed at minimizing possible losses).

Later, Cruise and his wife Maria in Marbella had their own business – arms stores and a shooting club. The love of weapons and thorough knowledge of the subject found expression in the work: in the novels by Andrey Cruz, the types and characteristics of small arms, ammunition and special equipment are described in detail.

The creative biography of Andrei Cruz began in 2006, after moving to Spain. The debut novel appeared on his page in Samizdat. A popular trilogy novel called Land of the Superfluous. Escape, ”Hamidulin wrote in tandem with his wife. Spouses signed up with creative pseudonyms. The novel is autobiographical, in the main characters the readers recognized Andrei and Maria. The series was first published by Armada Publishing House.

Andrei Cruz wrote about zombies and the apocalypse; Andrew Cruz wrote about zombies and the apocalypse
According to the science fiction writer, the birth of the second child forced to take up the pen. The boy did not sleep at night, and Andrei, on duty at his cradle, wrote the first pages. I got carried away so that I did not stop. The series includes 3 books.

This was followed by a series of “At the Great River” of two books and the cycle “Epoch of the Dead”, in which the author first wrote about the zombie apocalypse. The “I’m Going Home” series echoes the novels of the previous zombie cycle, telling a parallel story of two families in America and Russia.

Books by Andrei CruiseBooks by Andrei Cruise
The series “Darkness” the novelist co-authored with his wife. The first book, entitled “On the verge of darkness,” readers saw in 2010. The book “Bandit” and “Peace of the Citadel” in 2016 and 2017 completed the cycle.

In the “Bandit” reader’s favorite, Andrei Cruz continued the story of the “traitor” and the wanderer Andrei Biryukov, about his movement around the worlds. In a random “pulling” of the hero into a world that surprisingly resembles Russia in the “dashing 90s”, readers again encountered autobiographical stories that were remembered by the author and his wife at home.

Andrey Cruz and Pavel Kornev Andrey Cruz and Pavel Kornev
Then the fans of the science fiction talent welcomed the emergence of new cycles of novels called “Wind over the Islands”, “Lower Level” and “Borderland”. Andrey Cruz composed the last series together with Pavel Kornev, calling Paul the author of the cycle.

Outside of the series, the novels Reitar, Survivor, and Out of Law were published. Recent works of Art Deco and Art Deco. Own game ”published in 2017.

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