Herbert George Wells is an English writer and publicist, researcher, doctor of biological sciences, a politician and a supporter of social and scientific movements. A representative of the methods and…

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Herbert George Wells is an English writer and publicist, researcher, doctor of biological sciences, a politician and a supporter of social and scientific movements. A representative of the methods and theory of Marxism called critical realism. For a long period of time he was a supporter of the socio-economic trend – Fabianism. A prose writer, the author of novels preferred to publish scientific and fantastic literature. He wrote the famous work “War of the Worlds.”

Childhood and youth
Born in the UK, London’s Bromley district, in the fall – September 21, 1866. Herbert Wells parents were also interesting people, dad Joseph Wells owned a store and was engaged in the sale of porcelain products, figures and objects, which at that time were marketed. Mom is a housekeeper in the house of strict owners.

Despite all the efforts of the family, cricket was the main source of income. His father had a good game, so he turned his hobby into a living. Professional skills in cricket and the father’s desire to win worked for the whole family.

At the age of eight, there was a turning point in the boy’s life, both literally and figuratively. When, inadvertently, he broke his leg, the doctors prescribed him a bed rest. Had a lot of time not to leave the room, only books saved from boredom. Therefore, he was so interested in the sci-fi style of writing books and literature.

After some time, he became a student of Mr Thomas Morley’s commercial academy. Herbert George Wells was supposed to study as a merchant, however, by a terrible coincidence, the only breadwinner in the family broke his hip. Cricket was over, it was quite difficult for father to recover from an illness and at first even to move independently.

From the age of 13, the guy began an independent life, he began to earn a living. An irresistible desire to improve, to be better, to know more, independence and hard work brought him to the threshold of a college from a university in the city of London.
The young man was attracted to books and literature, so his life path was very diverse. In the beginning, he studied the skill of trading, then worked in a pharmacy as a pharmacist, taught in schools and various educational institutions. Recognition earned and the famous zoologist, an advocate for animal rights and the environment, as he was his assistant and the “right hand”. Herbert George Wells was a versatile person, traveled a lot and his knowledge base was constantly updated.

Writer Herbert Wells Writer Herbert Wells
The literature of this man was so popular and entertaining that, according to numerous requests and recommendations, it was translated into 17 languages.

“Time Machine” – is considered the first novel in the writer’s work. The work was written in 1895. In those days, it was fashionable to read science fiction, so the book that the inventor finds himself in the future, how he behaved and what he thought about, fell in love with readers of all age categories.

The merit was that after a while he was elected president of the non-political club for protection in matters of assistance and cooperation to writers and poets. Unification with like-minded people, brothers “by word”, expression of their opinion and point of view indicated to him in which direction to move on.

Behind it was 6 years of practice in the society of the Fabians. After that, his source of income and main occupation was lecturing and seminars. Since 1903, Wells’s main goal has been to educate people that politics, science and creativity need a plan and gradualness, no spontaneity.

From the 1890s, he became interested in journalism and publishing. Creativity was an important period of life, which the biography speaks of today.

It is worth noting that the prose writer has a significant publishing past, because not everyone in those days managed to write about 40 stories and stories in 30 volumes in just half a century, not counting novels, essays and essays. Works on the political situation, on the economic situation, sociology, etc. were popular. Among the famous creations included children’s books, as well as an autobiography.

Many years later they took an example from him, developed topics that he had previously touched on, studied writing styles and all the nuances of authorship. Few people know that long before the hypotheses put forward by Einstein and other researchers in this field Herbert he made a huge scientific breakthrough.

Using his knowledge and capabilities, the scientist found application in science in literary publications. The point is that the very controversial issue of four-dimensional space was raised by him in the previously mentioned creation “Time Machine”.

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