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Science fiction writer and creator of the new religion Ron Hubbard

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born on March 13, 1911, Tilden, Nebraska, USA. A man with diverse interests and an extraordinary education. He studied 21 nationalities, was a writer and pilot, freelance reporter, photographer, musician, film director and screenwriter, led expeditions. Best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology.
Briefly about the writer
Ron Hubbard is best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology, became famous in the writing field in the middle of the last century, writing more than one and a half hundred stories and stories for various magazines. Towards the end of his life, he returned to writing again, releasing the cycle “Battleground – Earth”, which earned frenzied popularity among his followers.

His early works as a whole did not stand out from a huge number of similar fantastic works; his later works were greatly influenced by the doctrine and philosophy he developed. It is difficult to say that he somehow influenced the formation of the genre or the exceptional artistic value of his works, but it is impossible to deny its popularity and fruitfulness as a writer.
Interesting Facts
In 2006, Ron Hubbard was twice awarded the Guinness Book of Records. The first record confirms that he is the most published author (1084 published works), which exceeded the record that the Brazilian author Carlos Ruoki had before (1058 published works). The Guinness Book of Records also officially confirmed that Hubbard had broken his own previous record, assigned to him as an author whose work has been translated into the largest number of languages. The number of languages, by the end of 2006 increased by 6, and reached 71.
According to the Church of Scientology, Hubbard wrote about 65 million words about Dianetics and Scientology on 500,000 pages, delivered 3,000 lectures, and made 100 films. He wrote about 500 novels and short stories. He has sold over 23 million copies of fiction and 27 million copies of non-fiction.
Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (March 13, 1911, Tilden, Nebraska, USA – January 24, 1986, California, USA) is an American science fiction writer best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology. In the literary field, he was noted as the author of the cycle “Battlefield: Earth”.

Childhood and youth
Hubbard’s official biography has been criticized by independent journalists, who consider the biography to be fictitious.

Hubbard Born March 13 in the United States in Tilden (Nebraska) in the family of US Navy officer Harry Ross Hubbard. Hubbard’s mother is Ledor May.

The boy’s childhood passed on a family ranch in Montana, from where the family subsequently moved to Oklahoma.

According to the official biography, as a child, Hubbard became close to the indigenous inhabitants of Montana – Indians from the Blackfoot tribe.

It is alleged that a tribal shaman named Old Tom became attached to the boy and even made Ron the blood brother of the tribe. Then the future author of Scientology became interested in Native American mythology.

After many trips, the family settled in Washington, DC. It is alleged that Hubbard became the youngest scout in the United States, got acquainted with Freud’s teachings with the help of a colleague of his father (later publicly rejected), went on a trip to the countries of the East, “collecting the necessary facts to know the essence of human life” – all this before the age of eighteen .

Hubbard did not complete his studies at the University of Washington, where he studied engineering, mathematics, and nuclear physics. Here he conducted his first experiment to study how human memory is stored and what is the nature of aesthetics (again, according to the official biography).

Creative activity and the path to fame
Hubbard began his professional career as a writer to have a source of finance for his research and research. During this period, he was a popular author in many literary genres: adventure, fantasy, fantasy, lyrical, detective, western, and also wrote several scripts for the Hollywood movie studio Columbia Pictures.

His literary career began with his participation in George Washington University’s student newspaper University Ax as a reporter for several months in 1931. Six of his works were published commercially between 1932 and 1933, and his total fee was just under $ 100.

Thrilling Adventure magazine was the first to publish one of his short stories in February 1934. Over the next six years, magazines published about 140 Hubbard stories under various pseudonyms, including Winchester Remington Colt, Kurt von Rachen, Rene Lafayette, Joe Blitz and the Legionnaire.

Although he was known for his science fiction stories, Hubbard wrote in a wide variety of genres, including adventure fiction, travel, mysticism, westerns, and even romance. Hubbard was familiar with writers such as Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Lyon Sprague De Camp, and Alfred van Vogt.

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