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The life of science fiction writer Robert Young, who never gained fame for 30 years of creativity

Briefly about the writer
Robert Franklin Young was born on June 8, 1915, died June 22, 1986, and was an American science fiction writer. He remained little known to the public, both in the United States and abroad. His career lasted more than thirty years, and he wrote until the end of his life. Having changed many professions (at one time he even worked as a janitor in high school), Young could neither gain fame nor make writing his main craft. However, this fact did not affect his work, which in style was closer to the early Bradbury.
Interesting Facts
There is a moment in the computer game Portal 2 that can refer to the story “Dandelion Girl”. The main antagonist of the game, GLaDOS artificial intelligence at one of the levels says: “Try to enjoy the next test. I’m going to surface. It’s such a beautiful day. Yesterday I saw a deer. If you pass the next test, I may let you go up to the rest room and tell you again how I saw the deer. ” In the story, the line appeared: “The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, yesterday a deer, and today I see you.”

Robert Franklin Young was born on June 8, 1915, died June 22, 1986. Despite an almost thirty-year career, Young never gained the fame.

Childhood and youth
Born in the village of Silver Creek, New York. After school, he was drafted into the army during the Second World War, where he served for three and a half years on the Pacific Front; however, Robert did not take part directly in the hostilities.

Creative activity and the path to fame
After the war ended, Robert changed several professions, not disdaining any work – from the cleaner to the driver. Moreover, Young continued to work even when he began to write. Only at the end of his life did the science fiction community learn that at one time Young worked as a janitor at a comprehensive school in Buffalo. The American science fiction writer Barry N. Malsberg noted that if he was a writer working as a doorman, he lived a sad life, but if he was a doorman who happened to write, he lived surprisingly and joyfully.

Robert published his first story in 1953 – it became “Inseparable from the Darkness of the Sky,” published in Startling Stories. Subsequently, he published more than a hundred stories in various magazines, mainly science fiction.

Despite the fact that his career lasted almost thirty years, Young did not become widely known either in the United States or abroad. The reason for this is that he wrote only five full-fledged novels, which is why he was not heard by the American public (the debut novel was generally written in French and published only in France).

The second novel was The Last Yggdrasil, which is a revised novel called Cutting a Tree, published in 1982, just 4 years before the writer’s death.

The last years of life and death
Continuing to write until his death, Robert died in 1986 at the age of 72.

Titles, awards and prizes

Hugo / Hugo Award, 1965 // Small form
The Little Dog Gone (1964)

What I wrote about, features
Robert Young was one of the “poet-writers” or “romantic writers” such as Bradbury or Theodore Sturgeon. Robert wrote both fantastic and fantasy stories. Not being a shaker of the foundations and not making breakthroughs in the genre, he wrote emotional, emotional stories about space, about the Earth, about people and nonhumans, magic and science.

Best books
One of the best lyric adventure games is considered the story “At the Beginning of Time”, later reworked in the novel Eridahn in 1983.

In total, Robert’s pen has more than a hundred stories, five novels and eight stories. Not all were published in Russian – so, not a single novel was officially published in our country, there are only amateur translations.

Perhaps a masterpiece
Good book
On the amateur
No data
4 artworks
La quete de la sainte grille
La quete de la sainte grille
Last Yggdrasil
The last yggdrasil
Vizier’s youngest daughter
The Vizier’s Second Daughter, Other Names: Vizier’s Second Daughter
8 artworks
To cut down a tree
To fell a tree
A knyght ther was


Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
In what cavern of the deep

At the beginning of time
When Time Was New, Other Names: Martian Kidnapping
Copper city
The city of brass
Anabasis in time
Alec’s anabasis
The stories
188 artworks
With the darkness of heaven inseparable
The black deep thou wingest
Garden in the forest
The garden in the forest
The beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the beast
Stop over
With my own eyes
To see ourselves
Chronoshift for Penelope
A pattern for penelope
Katie Three
Miss katy three
Cat and mouse
Audience reaction
Prisoners of the Earth
Prisoners of earth

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