Terence David John Pratchett
Sir Terry Pratchett was born on April 28, 1948 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire (Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire). As a child, he didn’t really like to read books, but his life changed at 10…

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Ken Macleod Fiction Recipe
Please tell us what the zoological education gave you. What role do you think it played in shaping your worldview? Reading Darwin and studying the theory of evolution have changed…

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The American writer Robert Asprin is known to science fiction fans around the world. Dozens of novels, combined in a series, came from the pen of the author. The most…

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Another representative of the “great” fantastic trends in fiction is Arthur Charles Clark.

An Englishman, in contrast to his American colleagues, who made a huge contribution to both the formation of the modern look of science fiction literature and science.

Its influence on scientific and technological progress is simply colossal, because it was his idea that led to the creation in the second half of the twentieth century of almost all the main communication systems, and the Internet is no exception. He also owns the idea of ​​using satellites for weather forecasting.

Creative period 1951-1961

In the period from 1951 to 1961, Arthur Clark, whose bibliography includes 22 separate novels, 3 cycles and 4 adaptations of his books, works were written that made him famous in the world of science fiction lovers.

The novel “Prelude to Space” (1951) became the harbinger of the first launches of satellites and people into space. In a manner peculiar to him, the writer tells in simple and accessible language about such things unfamiliar to his contemporaries as the technical equipment of the spacecraft and the principles of its flights.

The book is based on the fictional story of the Prometheus ship, whose mission was to fly to the moon. This work has become a propaganda of space travel. The first satellite launched in the USSR could not overcome gravity only in 1957, and the landing of Apollo on the Moon took place in 1969. The novel “Prelude to Space” can be considered one of the predictions that Arthur Clark was famous for.

The novel “Sands of Mars”, published in the same year, opens up the prospect of not only space travel, but also the development of other planets.

The most unexpected content of the novel of this period was recognized by Clark’s first major work, “The End of Childhood” (1953), in which he broadens the minds of readers with the idea that humanity is no longer alone in the vast Universe.

The series “Space Odyssey 2001”

When Arthur Clarke (author’s photo at work) wrote his novel Space Odyssey 2001 in 1968, the 21st century seemed unimaginably distant.

But today, the idea of ​​a novel about an experiment on planet Earth with a length of 3 million years is still relevant.

The debate about the origin of life on the planet does not stop, the wording “cosmic mind” is firmly in use, and interplanetary flights are only a matter of time. As always, Clark anticipated many of the ideas of his generation and voiced the questions that scientists around the world are now looking for answers to.

The cycle, begun in 1968, was completed in 1997. It includes 4 novels dedicated to the journey of earthlings in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. In this work, Stanley Kubrick made a film that has become a cult in this genre.

The “Big Three” of great science fiction writers. The People Most Influenced by the Science Fiction Genre What to Read ?, Books, Science Fiction, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clark, Dlinnopost
The cycle “Frame”

The cycle “Rama” was created over 20 years (1973-1993), and the novel “Date with Rama” is considered the most significant of what Arthur Clark wrote for his life. The rating of the writer’s books invariably includes this work. He brought the writer the Nebula Prize, the Hugo Prize, and the British Science Fiction Association.

The plot is based on the story of the creation of a space patrol that “hunts” for asteroids that threatened life on Earth. Among the asteroids, an object was discovered that had the correct cylindrical shape and headed towards the Sun.

After landing on an unusual ship, people found there conditions suitable for human survival and even the sea with its inhabitants and vegetation on its shore. As you move toward the Sun, robots “wake up” on the ship to support its life support.

The main theme of the novel is whether humanity is ready to face extraterrestrial intelligence or whether fear, aggression and a lack of understanding of the laws of the universe will leave people within their solar system.

The Odyssey of Time Series

The most striking novel of the cycle – “Storm on the Sun” (2005) – was co-written with Stephen Baxter. This is a catastrophe novel, which tells of a possible cataclysm and the complete destruction of the Earth due to a severe storm in the Sun. The woman astronaut Baysez Dutt, who returned from the flight, warned about her. She traveled to a world where there are no temporary divisions and in which the Firstborn are born, who want to destroy earthlings and their planet.

The fascinating plot makes readers worry about the fate of mankind, which, as often happens, depends on the actions or omissions of individuals.

Works of the 70-80s

Despite his illness (polio diagnosed back in the 60s), Clark continues to write intensively and delight readers with his talent. Among the works of this period:

“Dolphin Island” – the novel is dedicated to the idea of ​​a “reasonable” origin of dolphins and the possibility of their communication with humans.

“Songs of the distant Earth” is dedicated to the lost humanity, which was destroyed by the Sun.

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