The life of science fiction writer Robert Young, who never gained fame for 30 years of creativity
Briefly about the writer Robert Franklin Young was born on June 8, 1915, died June 22, 1986, and was an American science fiction writer. He remained little known to the…

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Scientist and science fiction writer Ivan Efremov about the incredible successes of mankind in the future
Ivan Efremov was born in 1908 and began to write during the years of World War II. Efremov tried to get away from the tendency to describe interplanetary wars and…

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Kenneth MacLeod
Kenneth MacLeod (MacLeod, Kenneth Macrae) one of the brightest English authors of recent times writing in the genre of "solid" science fiction with elements of utopian and socialist satire. Born…

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10 science fiction novelties

Science fiction is a genre that is constantly evolving, complementing our wildest expectations with something new. Sometimes she constantly has to get ahead of progress, and nowadays it is gaining momentum. And watching this race game is a real pleasure, especially when recognized masters of the genre take up the matter. About his most interesting news – in our selection.

Awakening of the Leviathan. James corey
Two authors are hiding under the name of James Corey: Daniel Abraham and Tye Frank. The Awakening of the Leviathan (2011) is the first novel from their book series The Space, which, one year after publication, was nominated for a Hugo Prize as the best novel. But the highest award went to the eponymous series filmed from the books of writers. We wrote about him here.

The novel takes place in the relatively near future: the overpopulated and dirty Earth is controlled by the UN, the military dictatorship on Mars is preparing the planet for terraforming, and the asteroid belt and satellites of Jupiter and Saturn want more independence. And here – bang-bang, military provocation, an extraterrestrial life form used as a weapon (hello to “Alien”!) And intrigue. A lot of intrigue. Plus a detective story in noir style.

Sleeping giants. Sylvain Neuvel
The Canadian writer’s debut novel, Sleeping Giants, is full of secrets and mysteries. His beginning is quite traditional for the genre: the girl falls into the ground and discovers … in general, the title of the book is speaking. But the continuation is much more serious: the main character grows up, becomes a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, and explores the “artifact” discovered in childhood, armed with all his intellectual arsenal. Just approaching the mystery can terrify even the most daring scientists.

Dark forest. Liu Cixin

Liu Cixin is the most famous and bright science fiction writer from the Middle Kingdom. And also one of the most awarded: he has the Galaxy, Nebula, Hugo and Locus awards. “Dark Forest” – the continuation of the sensational “Tasks of the three bodies.” Conflicts are becoming sharper, and the imminent alien invasion of Mother Earth is getting closer and closer.

Semieviye. Neal Stevenson

“Neil Stevenson has always been famous for the ability to fuse fundamentally incompatible things in one text – a space opera with philosophy (as in“ Anathema ”), a narcotiller with cyberpunk (as in“ Avalanche ”) or crypto history with a spy novel (as in“ Cryptonomicon ”), – Galina Yuzefovich writes about the author in her review of the novel “Semievie.” And Stevenson holds the mark.

“Semieviye” is a hardcore science fiction without any reverence to readers and at the same time a post-apocalyptic in the most concentrated form, ”is how Vasily Vladimirsky from Gorky describes the book. All fans of the genre – must read.

A long way to a small angry planet. Becky Chambers

The debut novel of the writer Becky Chambers is very different from the ones proposed in this collection. It can be called touching already based on the name, and touching, you see, is not the most obvious quality of science fiction literature (especially against the background of the harsh Stevenson!). The heroine of the book sits aboard the Wanderer, and her life is changing and, importantly, she finds strange, but sweet friends. Another variation on the theme of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.
Metabarons. Volume One and Volume Two. Alejandro Jodorowski, Juan Jimenez

Alejandro Jodorowsky can not write fantastic books: his entire biography is one continuous fantasy. This charismatic eccentric than he did not do: psychomagy, tarot, directing, comics, music … and his creations always turned out to be in a good way surreal and crazy. Now we have the good fortune to meet with the writer Jodorowski, the creator of a distant future thought out to the details of the world. The Metabarons, co-authored by renowned Spanish artist and comic book author Juan Jimenez, is a saga about the metabaron warriors waging their endless “war” with life’s hardships on the devil in the farthest corners of the galaxy many thousands of years later.

Archangel. William Gibson

William Gibson’s graphic novel, The Archangel, is finally released in Russian. He was waited for several decades. And now, cheers! This is a strong conspiracy theological science fiction, the only one from this collection directed not to the future, but to the past! The year 1945, people from high society, high technologies are intertwined with the surroundings and political intrigues of those years.

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Philip C. Dick, Tony Parker

This novel with a wonderful title is a book-reflection on the inevitable problems (including ethical) that humanity will face in the future. The main character, Rick Deckard, has to recognize replicants among people and destroy them. The novel has long been translated into Russian. But his graphic adaptation has just come out (spoilers: there are deviations from the plot in it!).

Artemis. Andy weyer

American science fiction writer Andy Weyer became famous for the novel The Martian, which at one time became a bestseller.

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