Stephen king
Stephen Edwin King was born in the fall of 1941 in the US state of Maine, in the city of Portland. The birth of a boy can be called a…

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Ray Bradbury
"I don’t think about death, because I will always be here. This box with my films and shelves with my books convince me that I have a hundred or two…

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Stanislav Lem
The name of Stanislav Lem is well known to science fiction lovers. One of the best representatives of futurology in the world wrote about two hundred works, which are translated…

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Stephen king

Stephen Edwin King was born in the fall of 1941 in the US state of Maine, in the city of Portland. The birth of a boy can be called a miracle. The fact is that Nelly Ruth Pillsbury – the mother of the future writer – doctors diagnosed infertility. And when the woman married for the second time to the captain of the merchant ship Donald Edward King, the couple decided to adopt the boy. They called the adopted son David Victor. And two years later, Nelli suddenly became pregnant. The couple had a son, Stephen Edwin.

Stephen King as a child Stephen King as a child
But the common child could not make the parents marriage strong. The head of the family had a reputation for Lovelace. As a sailor, he traveled around the world. After World War II, Donald quit the fleet and got a job as a sales agent, offering customers vacuum cleaners. He was burdened by family life. When Stephen was 2 years old, his father disappeared from his life. A man left the house to buy cigarettes and disappeared. Mom announced to her sons that the Pope had been abducted by Martians. According to some sources, the woman guessed that a cute waitress from Connecticut could be the “Martians”.

Looking ahead, let’s say that the crew of one of the American television channels, working on a documentary about the biography of Stephen King in the 1990s, found his negligent parent. As it turned out, he lived nearby, in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania, with his Brazilian wife and four children.

After the escape of her husband, Ruth – a pianist by training – had to tight. She took on any low-paying job, just to feed her sons. She worked as a saleswoman in a bakery or maid in rich houses. A woman in search of a good job moved from state to state. The family lived in Indiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Connecticut. In the end, she stayed for a long time in the town of West Durham in Maine.

Stephen King with mom Nelly and brotherSteven King with mom Nelly and brother |
Stephen King saw how hard it was for her mother, although she never complained. In his youth, he realized that a society of equal opportunities is a myth for naive people. In fact, life is difficult and unfair.

In childhood, Steve became an involuntary witness to a terrible tragedy: a peer who fell under the wheels of a freight train died before his eyes. King experienced a severe shock, after which in his memory the terrible shots of death were erased for some time. They surfaced only a few years later when they told him about the tragedy. The biographers of the writer claim that this event influenced his work and inspired the writing of some works.

Frequent travel undermined Stephen King’s already poor health. He suffered from measles especially hard. Then there was acute pharyngitis, which turned into one of the forms of an ear infection, incurable by antibiotics. Three times the boy experienced a hell of pain when he was pierced with an eardrum. Due to illness, King studied in first grade for two years.

Stephen King in his youthSteven King in his youth |
Perhaps all of these difficulties in life formed a gloomy perception of reality and the tastes of a guy. He loved horror movies. An indelible impression on his psyche was made by the horror films “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, “Nuthouse”, “I was a teenager-werewolf”, “Palaces of Montezuma” and “Sands of Iwo Jima”. Stephen King in his youth was so impressive that even watching the Bambi cartoon with a forest fire scene caused painful nightmares.

The guy’s favorite books included The Hulk, Spider-Man, Superman, Ray Bradbury’s novels, and the unclean comic books Tomb of Horror and Tales from the Crypt. Stephen King later admitted that he liked the feeling of fear and “the feeling of a complete loss of control over feelings.”

Stephen KingSteven King |
To distract from constant diseases, the boy, encouraged by his mother, began to write. A test of the pen happened at 7 years old. Stephen King wrote a short story about the adventures of Captain Casey. The inspiration was a comic about a brave captain. The boy simply retold what he read. Mom praised the work, but noted that Steve could very well create something of her own. Soon, the future writer submitted to her court four small stories about a white rabbit. For each of them, his mother paid him the first “fee” in the amount of 25 cents.
From this moment, Stephen King worked without stopping. His first “best seller” was a novel written on the basis of the movie “The Well and the Pendulum.” The guy printed his work in the amount of 40 copies on a hectograph.

In 1959, 18-year-old Stephen King, along with his brother David, began to publish an informational bulletin, which was called “Dave’s Leaflet.” The guys distributed it using the old mimeograph and sold it at 5 cents to friends, neighbors and relatives. David wrote local news, and Steve wrote film reviews and his own short stories. At the same time, Stephen King first read the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

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