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The most influential science fiction of the twentieth century

Robert Sheckley, known as the most influential science fiction of the twentieth century, was born in Brooklyn on July 16, 1928 in the family of a businessman. The writer managed to release his own biography. Robert described his mother as a simple girl Rachel from the village.

Robert Sheckley, Robert Sheckley
She taught in the elementary grades of the Saskatchewan school. The science fiction father, David, wanted to gain a foothold in the business and, despite frequent failures, found his place. His last and most important job was Shiff Terhue Insurance Company. There he received the position of secretary-treasurer.

Childhood and youth
Four years after the birth of Robert, the Sheckley family lived in New York, and then settled in New Jersey, in Maplewood. By origin, his parents were Polish Jews who lived in Warsaw until 1980, but towards the end of the 19th century they had to immigrate to America.

Writer Robert Sheckley Writer Robert Sheckley
During the summer holidays, grandfather took Robert and his sister Joan to the farm. The future writer grew up an inquisitive child who loved adventure, books and jazz. Sheckley was reading books by Bradbury, Sturgeon and Kuttner. He dreamed of becoming a recognized bestselling author and began his first work on a typewriter.

Attempts to try himself as a writer were unsuccessful, so Robert continued to read and study at school. When Sheckley was sixteen years old, he decided to live separately from his parents, but this did not lead to anything. Young Robert had to graduate, and then get a job.

Robert Sheckley, Robert Sheckley
He made a living behind the counter in the store and with tools in the garden. In the 1940s, a man went to serve in Korea. There he begins his writing. Sheckley began editing the regiment’s newspaper.

After returning from Korea, Robert entered the University of New York, where he began to study the humanities. Future science fiction combined university classes with lectures by Irwin Shaw. In addition to his intense passion for literature, Robert played the guitar and even managed to earn a living from it. The circumstances were such that he had to leave the university and get a job at the factory.
In 1951, Robert Sheckley proposed collaboration with Imagination magazine. Fantastic stories liked the chief editor and were all published. Later, the writer enthusiastically talked about working days in the office of the magazine, where he worked from morning to evening.
For a long time, the science fiction writer worked on the story “The Shop of Infinity”. In 1959, dystopia was published and gained popularity among lovers of philosophical reflection on the topic of “how to become happy”.

Sheckley created stories, novels and scripts of fantastic content that were used on television and on the air. The audience loved the “Captain Video” and “Beyond the Green Door”. In 1960, the popularity of Robert Sheckley began to gain momentum. He successfully sold all his works to the popular Galaxy.
One of the successfully published novels in 1960 is Status Civilization. The satirical dystopia about William Barrent, despite the fantastic genre, affects the social problems of society.

The year 1965 also becomes significant for the work of Robert Sheckley. Galaxy published a story, The Exchange of Minds, and then a year later a revised book version comes out.

In 1968, the novel “Coordinates of Miracles” was published. It is believed that the world fame of the science fiction begins with it. The work on the space travel of Tom Camordi fully demonstrates the writing talent of Sheckley, whose view on the world order and the meaning of existence attract the attention of readers.

Later, during a visit to Russia, Sheckley was pleasantly surprised that his work made such a splash. It is known that the images of some heroes of the second part of “Coordinates of Miracles” Robert wrote from real people, Russian fans. A fantastic novel translated into several languages ​​and has become a classic in the world of science fiction. Almost the entire book can be broken down into quotes — humor and thought are so subtle.

Each work of a science fiction writer is a special world of extraordinary philosophy, thoughts about good and evil, and a search for the meaning of human existence. Any hero of the work of Sheckley is a unique multifaceted personality, which is revealed with each new page.

Robert Sheckley authored 15 novels and about 400 short stories. Now his works are read all over the world! Sheckley is the winner of the “Wanderer” award for his achievements in the literary genre “science fiction”, as well as for his special humor.

In 2000, Sheckley met Roberto Quaglia, whose name is widely known in the literary community. They even had planned joint work, but in connection with the death of Sheckley, they remained unfinished.

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