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Boris Strugatsky

Some writers, directors and musicians have shown themselves thanks to the creative tandem. These include the Coen brothers, who shot the action-thriller “Fargo”, the Wachowski sisters, as well as Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, who pleased bookstore regulars with works featuring Ostap Bender.

It is also worth highlighting the Strugatsky brothers, whom both adults and children know. Writers became leaders in the world of fantastic Soviet literature. Surely lovers of books that talk about technology, the universe and scientific progress know such works as “It’s hard to be a god”, “Inhabited Island”, “Monday starts on Saturday”, “Picnic on the sidelines”, etc.

It is noteworthy that after the death of his brother Arkady Boris Strugatsky, whose biography is replete with interesting facts, continued to “saw a thick log of literature with a two-handed saw, but without a partner.”

Childhood and youth
The writer was born in the spring of April 15, 1933. This event took place in Leningrad. The future of Boris Strugatsky was predetermined, because the writer was brought up in an intelligent and educated family. His father, Nathan Zalmalovich Strugatsky, was an art historian, bibliographer, and iconographer. At the time of the birth of his son, a man was appointed a researcher at the museum.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky with mom Arkady and Boris Strugatsky with mom
Boris Natanovich and his brother absorbed a love of literature with their mother’s milk: Alexandra Ivanovna, as a girl of Litvinchev, taught Russian literature at school. For her efforts, this woman was awarded the title of Honored Teacher of the RSFSR and awarded the Badge of Honor.

The Strugatsky family was considered exemplary, and the brothers Arkady and Boris had a happy childhood. However, in the blink of an eye, habitual existence changed beyond recognition: with the outbreak of World War II, the bright colors of life faded, and joy gave way to tears, depression and grief.

Boris Strugatsky in his youthBoris Strugatsky in his youth
The Strugatsky were in besieged Leningrad, and in 1942, Natan Zalmanovich went together with Arkady to evacuate together, as Boris was sick. Unfortunately, a tragedy occurred in the Strugatsky family: the head of the family died of starvation on the road, in Vologda.

In 1943, thanks to Arkady, Boris and his mother moved to the Chkalov region. After the war ended, in 1945, an incomplete family returned to Leningrad, where the future writer graduated from school with a silver medal.

Boris StrugatskyBoris Strugatsky
It is noteworthy that the man who pleased the book lovers with his works connected his life with an uncreative path. Boris was going to become a student in the physics department, but was not enrolled. Then the choice fell on the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. In 1955, the young man received a diploma in which the specialty “astronomer” was listed.

After graduating, Strugatsky continued the “non-writing path”. He entered the graduate school of the Pulkovo Observatory, and also worked as an engineer and was a member of the astroclimatic expedition in the Caucasus.

While some believe that all writers were engaged in composing stories in childhood and knew their future calling from a young age, the biography of the Strugatsky brothers proves the opposite.

Two geniuses of literature were born at the moment because of a bottle of champagne. This alcoholic drink was the prize that was at stake in the dispute: young scientists told Arkady’s wife, Elena Ilyinichna, that they would be able to show their literary talent. That evening, the debate was the weakness of modern fiction.

Strugatsky brothersStrugatsky brothers
Thus, in 1959, the Strugatsky brothers published their first book, entitled “The Country of the Crimson Clouds”: the draft was already ready in 1957, and the book itself entered the cycle “Afternoon World”.

The debut work of writers dips the reader in the era of the Union of Soviet Communist Republics. The protagonist, a specialist in transport vehicles, Alexei Bykov, receives an offer to participate in an expedition to Venus.

Book of the Strugatsky brothers “Country of the Crimson Clouds Book of the Strugatsky brothers” The Country of the Crimson Clouds
The writers endowed their work with a detective element: the plot of the book contains the mystery of the death of the geologist Tahmasib, who died with his team in a previous expedition. The novel considers not only technological progress, but also the correlation of the public good and individual desires of a person.

Boris Natanovich worked only on the final part of the novel, which is called “On Venus”. “The Country of the Crimson Clouds” was the first work in the track record of the Strugatsky brothers, which was written in parts. Subsequently, the writers agreed on the plot of the novel or story and drew up a specific plot plan.

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