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       The name strikes me as having a distinctive western sound to it, one smelling of saddle leather and sage, one looking at old sunsets and new horizons.  Lassiter was a Zane Grey hero, but this was pointed out to me after I published Fast Hand in 1989.  The pen name simply seemed . . . .right. 

          Fast Hand had been plotted to be a series of novels detailing how a frontier judge, Sebastian Hand, lost his family and gained the burning need for revenge.  About this time "small westerns" turned belly up and the vultures began circling.  Truth was, most genre fiction began a retreat about then, leaving only room at the very top. 

         I never figured out exactly who Karl Lassiter was and never made up a long list of lies about his background.  He might have been a mule skinner in an earlier life, or a rugged mountain man or an Indian fighter or even a snake oil salesman.  What I do know about him is that books subsequent to Fast Hand have explored various known and some not so well known aspects of the Indian Wars in the West. 

         And yes, Karl Lassiter might just be the kind of guy to belly up to the bar with, share a brew, and listen to the yarns being spun. 

Happy trails, amigos,
Robert E. Vardeman
Chuck Wagon
Last Updated:April 2002