Kenneth MacLeod
Kenneth MacLeod (MacLeod, Kenneth Macrae) one of the brightest English authors of recent times writing in the genre of "solid" science fiction with elements of utopian and socialist satire. Born…

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Isaac Asimov. Briefly about the writer
Born on January 2, 1920 in the village of Petrovichi, Shumyachsky District, Smolensk Region, the RSFSR. He died in New York on April 6, 1992. Facts. Than famous The famous…

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Samuel Yode
British science fiction writer who worked for half a century. Adherent of social and public order, describing in his works all the horrors of his collapse Briefly about the writer…

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reflections of heroes

10 science fiction novelties

Science fiction is a genre that is constantly evolving, complementing our wildest expectations with something new. Sometimes she constantly has to get ahead of progress, and nowadays it is gaining momentum. And watching this race game is a real pleasure, especially when recognized masters of the genre take up the matter. About his most interesting news – in our selection.

Awakening of the Leviathan. James corey
Two authors are hiding under the name of James Corey: Daniel Abraham and Tye Frank. The Awakening of the Leviathan (2011) is the first novel from their book series The Space, which, one year after publication, was nominated for a Hugo Prize as the best novel. But the highest award went to the Continue reading

Samuel Yode

British science fiction writer who worked for half a century. Adherent of social and public order, describing in his works all the horrors of his collapse
Briefly about the writer
Known to the sci-fi community under the name of John Christopher. British science fiction writer in the second half of the 20th century, best known for his novels The Death of Grass and Aliens. Often compared to John Wyndham, who also wrote on global catastrophes, Christopher spent almost his entire life working in the science fiction genre, publishing about 20 novels and more than thirty stories. He began to write after the Second World War, serving as a signalman. In his works he constantly emphasized the need for social and public order, state control and orderliness of relations in society.
The real name of the writer is Samuel Yode. Born April 16, 1922, died February 3, 2012.

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The Amazing Worlds of the “Grandmaster” of Science Fiction by Jack Vance

Jack Vance was born in the early 20th century and managed to release more than fifty stories and short stories under a series of pseudonyms. Vance was respected by colleagues and readers, in his works addressing the themes of cultural and religious conflicts. Coming up whole civilizations and worlds with his own bizarre laws and customs, Vance did not go into the themes of decline or intergalactic wars.
Briefly about the writer
Jack Vance, born in 1916 in San Francisco. Like many American science fiction writers, he served in the army during World War II, but he did not have a chance to participate in battles, and the army theme was not so widely reflected in his works as those of Heinlein or Harrison.

Starting with sea stories and tales, Vance quickly grew into a major science fiction writer whose distinctive features were wit, unbridled imagination, satire and playing in his works various religious, cultural and political events and trends. Repeatedly received praise from both critics and colleagues, was friendly with Frank Herbert. In the late 90s he was awarded the title “Grandmaster”. Continue reading

The most influential science fiction of the twentieth century
Robert Sheckley, known as the most influential science fiction of the twentieth century, was born in Brooklyn on July 16, 1928 in the family of a businessman. The writer managed…


Isaac Asimov - “Singer of the Empire”
If you haven’t read the Isaac Asimov’s book series “Foundation” and don’t want spoilers, we recommend that you return to this article after reading the books. The singer of the…


Cozy disaster in science fiction by John Wyndham
John Wyndham Parks Lucas Beynon Harris was born July 10, 1903, died March 11, 1969. An English science fiction writer who gained popularity in 1951 with the release of the…


Each new job is paid by Kunzu in a rather large amount
Dean Kunz is one of the most successful writers working in the genres of science fiction, detective and horror. The author’s bibliography contains dozens of novels, some of which became…